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  • hidden_treasuresHidden Treasures: What Museum Can’t or Won’t Show You
    While there are more than 15,000 museums in our country, visitors get to see only about five percent of any institution’s collections. Most museums simply don’t have room to display everything they’ve got. However, there are a wide variety of surprising and intriguing reasons why, for example, the Smithsonian Institution doesn’t display its collection of condoms; why the Field Museum locks up its shrunken heads; and why the bones of a former slave named Fortune were hidden away for years in the basement of Connecticut’s Mattatuck Museum. Each item or collection included in this volume is be described and placed in context with stories and interviews that explore the historical, social, cultural, political, environmental or other circumstances that led to that object being kept from view—the ultimate museum buff’s voyeuristic experience.
  • Washington IconsWashington Icons: 50 Classic Views of the Evergreen State
    Fifty essays and more than one hundred color photographs comprise this celebration of the Evergreen State’s people, places, inventions, and other iconic and unique elements that make up the great state of Washington. This lively, entertaining, and beautifully illustrated book offers a slice of home to residents and makes a wonderful remembrance of visits to this corner of the Pacific Northwest.
  • Washington CuriositiesWashington Curiosities: Quirky Characters, Roadside Oddities & Other Offbeat Stuff – Globe Pequot Press; 2003, revised and updated 2007, 2011.
    Discover more than 200 of the unusual people, places, and things that make Washington such a kooky state, from the shrine to the Jolly Green Giant to the Drive-Thru Stump and the Whoop-N-Holler Ranch and Museum.Washington Curiosities


  • Oregon CuriositiesOregon Curiosities: Quirky Characters, Roadside Oddities & Other Offbeat Stuff – Globe Pequot Press; 2007, revised and updated 2010.
    A round-trip ticket to the wildest, wackiest, most outrageous people, places, and things the Beaver State has to offer! Meet Miss Electricity and (maybe) the ghostly Bandage Man; discover the world’s oldest pair of shoes, the largest outdoor Erector Set, and the carnivorous cobra lily; and experience the world’s largest toga party, an eight-state mac ‘n’ cheese contest, and star gazing in the darkest place in the state.Oregon Curiosities photos
  • Full Steam Ahead, Pacific Yachting PNW, May/June 2008
    Oregon’s historic steamer Portland is back on the water. And she’s giving rides.”After years of blood, sweat and tears, more than half a million dollars, thousands of hours of in-kind labor, and a brush with Hollywood, the Oregon Maritime Museum’s largest and most important artifact is returning to the waters of the Columbia and Willamette Rivers.”
  • Roadside Distractions, AAA Journey Magazine – Puget Sound, January 2008
    Profiles of a dozen unusual and curious spots in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Stuck At The AirportStuck at the Airport: The Very Best of Services, Dining, and Unexpected Attractions for Travelers – Fireside; 2001
    A (now somewhat outdated) guide to airports around the United States and Europe.
  • Museums of the NorthwestMuseums of the Northwest: Discover the Best Collections in Washington, Oregon, and Lower British Columbia – Sasquatch Books; 1999
  • And with co-author Adam Woog:
    Atomic Marbles and Branding Irons: A Guide to Museums, Collections and Roadside Curiosities in Washington and Oregon – Sasquatch Books; 1993.
  • Seattle Magazine, Washington’s Kooky Museums, February 2010
  • Fabulous Festivals, Alaska Airlines Magazine, June 2008
    A year’s worth of exciting events throughout Washington State, from bluegrass to kite-flying.